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Power Word: Gold: Buying 83

3. Nov 2012 03:19, kandeht

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If you've been watching our recent you'll know that we've finally started selling the level 83-84 Mists of Pandaria items that we stocked up on the first month or so of Mists. (See. ) 

As this will likely one of our main markets for Mists of Pandaria we thought it was time we did an 83-84 update to ouron buying 77-80 items using Auctioneer saves searches. 

Read on past the jump to learn how to quickly andefficientlyfind and purchase 83-84 Mists of Pandaria armor, weapons. 


Many might be wondering why I would choose to use Auctioneer to do my 83-84 Mists of Pandaria searches. Isn't Auctioneer a dinosaur when it comes to gold making? While Auctioneer is the grandfather of all gold-making addons that doesn't mean is still doesn't have some neat tricks. 

The three things that make these searches so strong are the ability to choose a maximum price, the ability to Ignore unwanted items from future searches and the ability to quickly purchase all the items the search finds. 

Set up 

In order to follow this guide you will need installed. The Auctioneer feature we are going to be using to do our 83-84 Mists of Pandaria item searches can be found by clicking on the Search tab at the bottom of the auction house window. 

Auctioneer Search Tab 

Once we get onto the Search tab we need to tellAuctioneerwhat type of search we are wanting to perform/build. For these searches we are going to be using the general search. Click General from the list of Searchers on the right hand side of the panel.